“Once in a while, give a visit and browse through the Glassware listed on the site. Some apps are the official apps Google has already provided you access to, while others are third-party apps. Keep in mind that the current restrictions placed by Google on developers and use of the Mirror API (used to power Glassware) is pretty tight, so not all apps will work as expected (and some won’t work at all due to hitting API limits).”


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Google Glass – “Evolutionary, not revolutionary”

“Glass is not ready for general use, and Google knows it. Today’s device is too different from existing mobile computers (cell phones, laptops, or car navigation systems), its software too immature, and the whole concept too geeky for it to be a successful mass-market product.”

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How to get started to code for Google Glass

Sneak peak of GDK is available as an add-on to the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). So, knowledge and know-how of Android SDK becomes very essential for someone who wants to dive straight into dark world of wearable technology