Help Wanted

The Coding Clubhouse is a non-profit, Inspiring Kids To Code. Our intent is to run events for kids and introduce them to the newest tech, what it does and what they can do with it. By providing kids with access to what is here and what is coming, we hope to inspire them to want to learn.

Our intent is to provide 3 levels of service. 1, Events where we display and explain the tech, much like a trade show. 2, Hackathons where we teach them a skill and see what they can do. 3, a Clubhouse where they may hang out, teach and learn from each other. All of this would be sported by our website which should provide a rich environment of inspiration and resources for them to learn and grow.

What we need now is someone who can assist with: Social Media; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Follow-up with contacts; determine their commitment level and needs or resources. Events; organize, run and teach. And, of course, our WordPress Website.

Many of these activities can be sported with remote staff, such as Word Press updates and for YouTube promotion and optimization or research and blog posts. However, we also need someone local that can organize, meet with us, and assist with activities.

Initially, this would be a part-time position, largely working remotely (at home). Transitioning into a full-time position as we grow and expand our services beyond the Bay Area.
As a Nonprofit in Tech, focused on low-income children, leaning toward girls, We find that we do not have the time to follow up on all the tremendous opportunities we are offered. Not only opportunities to present and run events but the vast resources we have been offered.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

Thank you for your consideration