Vidcode, Online Coding Platform for Teenage Girls

Vidcode is focused on introducing teenage girls to computer science. Interview Alexandra Diracles, Co-Founder & CEO and Leandra Tejedor, Lead Designer & Developer with Alannah Forster of the Coding Clubhouse. A web platform designed for girls to learn programming by customizing their own videos with code.

Mike Senese Executive editor, Make magazine by Alannah Forster

Let’s talk about Maker Camp and everything Maker interview with Mike Senese Executive editor, Make magazine by Alannah Forster of the coding Clubhouse

3D Printers for the Home. with Brandon Lee and Alannah Froster

3D printers for the home. Fully enclose easy to use interview with Brandon Lee , engineer for Tiertime with Alannah Forster of The Coding Clubhouse. Maker Faire 2015

Dash Robotics a Bio Robotics, Toy Kit for Everybody

Dwight Springthorpe senior electronics engineer of Dash Robotics Interview with Alannah Forster of the Coding Clubhouse.

InitialState Data Visualizations for IoT Devices

Raymond Jacobs co founder of InitialState a data visualization platform for makers and hackers interview with Alannah Forster of the Coding Clubhouse at Makers Faire

Bay Area Discovery Museum, Interview with Alannah Forster

Lexi Weiner of the Bay Area Discovery Museum, at Maker Faire 2015 The Bay Area Discovery Museum’s mission is to ignite and advance creative thinking for all children.

Wu, Creative Content Manager at Tinkerine, shows us the DITTO Pro

Based in Vancouver, BC, Tinkerine is Canada’s leading 3D printer manufacturer that specializes in 3D printing solutions. We don’t just make the best valued 3D printers on the market, nor do we simply provide a complete ecosystem of intuitive products and services (hardware, software, material, education, and content). What we’re really passionate about is helping […]