Alannah Drives a Beam Robot at AWE 2105

Driving my first beam telepresence robot at Augmented Reality Expo 2015

Vidcode, Online Coding Platform for Teenage Girls

Vidcode is focused on introducing teenage girls to computer science. Interview Alexandra Diracles, Co-Founder & CEO and Leandra Tejedor, Lead Designer & Developer with Alannah Forster of the Coding Clubhouse. A web platform designed for girls to learn programming by customizing their own videos with code.

CreoPop a 3D Printing Pen

CreoPop a 3D pen that is safe for children interview with Andreas Birnik, CEO and Alannah Forster at Wearable World Congress in San Francisco 2015

NetNinja a wifi encryption device that allowed secure connections to public wifi networks. Interview

NetNinja is a small black box that travels light and encrypts unencrypted networks

Stephen Spivak of The Wearable Store interviewed by Alannah Forster of the Coding Clubhouse.

Stephen Spivak – President and Founder of The Wearables Store and Jim Schwartz interview at Wearable World San Francisco 2015. One-Stop Shop for All Electronic Wearable Products and Internet of Things (IOT). Products, Industry News, Blogs, Reviews and more!

Mike Senese Executive editor, Make magazine by Alannah Forster

Let’s talk about Maker Camp and everything Maker interview with Mike Senese Executive editor, Make magazine by Alannah Forster of the coding Clubhouse

3D Printers for the Home. with Brandon Lee and Alannah Froster

3D printers for the home. Fully enclose easy to use interview with Brandon Lee , engineer for Tiertime with Alannah Forster of The Coding Clubhouse. Maker Faire 2015