Who is The Coding Clubhouse


We are explorers. We love to learn and share. We want you to succeed.

Who is the club and what do we stand for?

We believe that kids with inspiration can do anything.

Technology and Coding are all around us.

support and help each other learn and build. we are friends we are a place every one is welcome. By sharing what we know, what we discover, what we create, we grow. The future is a bright and wonderful place, full of new and exciting opportunities. Join us as we change our world.

We are puzzle solvers. We are creators and makers. We are inventors, artists, and dreamers. Learning to code is learning how to think. Learning how to solve problems. To code, we see a goal, something we want. Then, step by step, we reach that goal.

Coding is not just programming a computer. It is seeing a problem and building an answer. It is how to get from here to there. A code is how we get things dun.