Self Organised Learning Environment

Can Children Teach Themselves?  Children learning  RNA replication on their own?

In the first experiment an English computer is left in the slums of India,  With no instructions, the children learned  to: speak English,  browse  the internet, and decide they need better mouse and a faster CPU.

After a while he put computers in different slums and each time they learned  to speak English,  browse  the internet and something else witch was often times coding. At one point he had to start turning off the computers after 8 because the mothers were complaining that their children weren’t coming home at night

In the second experiment, when left with a computer full of Molecular Biology papers, the children say “We know nothing” then an 8 year girl adds “Yes, beyond the fact that misapplication of RNA molecules causes disease.  We don’t understand a thing”

From Ted.com

 Sugata Mitra tells two little tails about children teaching them selves. and The Granny Cloud.

Teach the children with admiration and encouragement while they work together.

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