Vidcode, Online Coding Platform for Teenage Girls

Vidcode is focused on introducing teenage girls to computer science. Interview Alexandra Diracles, Co-Founder & CEO and Leandra Tejedor, Lead Designer & Developer with Alannah Forster of the Coding Clubhouse.
A web platform designed for girls to learn programming by customizing their own videos with code.

Fashion of the Future

What will the future look like? Cyborgs? Androids? Hovercrafts? ID chip embedded in your wrist? What most people don’t think about is what will we be wearing in the future? Cloths that get warmer in a cold breeze, a dress that changes color to match a scarf, a bike helmet that calls for help if you get into an accident.

The future may be coming faster than we think because these gadgets already exist thanks to many people including Juan Hinestroza, and Becky Stern.

Juan Hinestroza is the associate professor of fiber science at Cornell University in Ithaca. He makes cotton “behave in ways witch it does not usually behave” creating cotton that can kill bacteria, conduct electricity, change color, sense gasses. He even has a pair of pants that charges your phone in when you put it in your pocket. His ultimate goal is to make cloths that keep themselves clean and not be able to stain.

Becky Stern is director of wearable electronics at Adafruit industries in New York. She makes tutorials so that people can make their own wearable electronics at home with parts and sensors made easily available mainly because of the Smartphone industry. She has created dozens of projects including a hat that lights up when you are talking, a tie that lights up when you are talking, a purse with conductive Velcro that lights up when it’s open, and a hat that reminds you to put on sunscreen or can act like a timer for any other reason. What will happen if a robot apocalypse happens? Adafruit will get rich with all the people buying their shirts that make it so that heat sensors can’t sense your body heat. My favorite is a RFID tag in nail polish so that the phone unlocks when you pick it up. The ultimate prank: a jacket that, when you chose, will turn off all of the TVs in a restaurant or where ever else you would like! It’s name? The TV be gone.

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Wu, Creative Content Manager at Tinkerine, shows us the DITTO Pro

Based in Vancouver, BC, Tinkerine is Canada’s leading 3D printer manufacturer that specializes in 3D printing solutions. We don’t just make the best valued 3D printers on the market, nor do we simply provide a complete ecosystem of intuitive products and services (hardware, software, material, education, and content). What we’re really passionate about is helping you bring your ideas to life—from the depths of your imagination to the three-dimensional reality.