Makerbot’s Replicator $6,499

Makerbot’s Replicator Z18 3D printer now on pre-order for

By Doug Olenick, Tech Times | March 12, 10:22 AM

“revolutionary” “disruptive” Although more for industrial use  the  “Star Trek level” tech into any office.

Available for pre-order, almost science fiction into the home. Create 3D objects that are 12-inches long by 12-inches wide and 18-inches high. Comparatively the Mini can create objects 3.9-inches long by 3.9-inches wide and 4.9-inches high, for at total of about 75-cubic inches. The Mini costs $1,375

“This model contains fifth generation 3D printing technology” this is a “giant leap forward in connectivity, speed and reliability for their 3D printing

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