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The Coding Clubhouse was Founded in January 2014 and is a nonprofit organisation.

To Contact us Please Email Dan@321Code.com or CodeGirl@321Code.com

Our Mission is to Inspire Kids To Code.

We are currently looking for a Permanent Location to for our Coding Clubhouse.  Our ideal location would be a Retail Aria where we can set up a small store front with a Coding Lounge at the back, similar to an Apple Store.

The Store Front will sell and demonstrate some of the Latest Technologies, such as Google Glass, 3D Printers and Conductive Inks.  Other products and resources available at the Coding Clubhouse will include Arduino and Raspberry-Pi and various accessories to build and demonstrate Robotics and other mechanical devices.

We are currently organizing group activities in and around the SF Bay Aria.  Thees activities will be code and program learning opportunities.

One Donation we have recently been offered is a trip to the offices of NewRelic in San Francisco, where they have offered to host a training session taught by some of their lead coders, including tips and insights.

A Second Donation we have been offered is a trip to Neoj4 Office in San Mateo.  Neo is a Gragff Database and they will introduce us to and show us how to build and use a database.

Other offers include Material assistance and other learning opportunities.

Our bigest donation to date is a Google Glass offered a by Brick Simple a leading Glass Developer.

If you are intrested in donating or offering your support pleas contact CodeGirl@321Code.com

Thank You.


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