Mike Senese Executive editor, Make magazine by Alannah Forster

Let’s talk about Maker Camp and everything Maker interview with Mike Senese Executive editor, Make magazine by Alannah Forster of the coding Clubhouse

Kailey Shara, VP Electronics at CarbonOrigins, shows us Apollo, the Everything Board

The best projects have a great story behind them, and the Apollo from Carbon Origins is no exception. A few years ago, the people at Carbon Origins were in school, working on a high power rocketry project. Rocketry, of course, requires a ton of sensors in a very small and light package. Apollo takes location […]

Ben de Leeuw, designer of Camera Sculptura a 3D full body scanner

CameraSculptura.com is a studio specializing in 3D portraiture and fine photogrammetry. We create full color 3D printed portraits and photo-accurate 3D digital portraits. Our custom technology allows us to digitize our subjects instantly in 360 degrees. Ben has been making the imagined real for over 20 years. With a background in traditional filmmaking he dived […]

Wu, Creative Content Manager at Tinkerine, shows us the DITTO Pro

Based in Vancouver, BC, Tinkerine is Canada’s leading 3D printer manufacturer that specializes in 3D printing solutions. We don’t just make the best valued 3D printers on the market, nor do we simply provide a complete ecosystem of intuitive products and services (hardware, software, material, education, and content). What we’re really passionate about is helping […]