Google Capital, 300 Milion to invest.

Google Capital, a “growth stage” investment effort that has already put money into SurveyMonkey, Renaissance Learning, and Lending Club.

Google Ventures will invest in technology companies that are early or mid stage. Tech companies that prove product-market fit.

According to Bloomberg, Google Capital has $300 million in capital to spend.

Google Capital, along with Google Ventures will give their parent company a window into what’s coming up in technology.

Microsoft also operates its own venture fund, Microsoft Ventures, but that effort is on a far smaller scale than Google’s efforts.

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Google Publicly Debuts Its Late-Stage Growth Fund, Google Capital
by Alex Wilhelm (@alex)

Learn To Code By Playing Games

So you want to learn to code. Learn code through gamification.

The web-based game teaches JavaScript. An introductory computer science icourse in a game. Code your way through the game In order to get from one level to the next

Beginner, single-player or multiplayer for advanced coders. Learning is fun.

CodeCombat is free and available at

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by Jordan Crook (@jordanrcrook)
YC-Backed CodeCombat Wants You To Learn To Code By Playing Games

Makerbot’s Replicator $6,499

Makerbot’s Replicator Z18 3D printer now on pre-order for

By Doug Olenick, Tech Times | March 12, 10:22 AM

“revolutionary” “disruptive” Although more for industrial use  the  “Star Trek level” tech into any office.

Available for pre-order, almost science fiction into the home. Create 3D objects that are 12-inches long by 12-inches wide and 18-inches high. Comparatively the Mini can create objects 3.9-inches long by 3.9-inches wide and 4.9-inches high, for at total of about 75-cubic inches. The Mini costs $1,375

“This model contains fifth generation 3D printing technology” this is a “giant leap forward in connectivity, speed and reliability for their 3D printing